Achieve Training Programs

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Written by Dana Williams, Owner and Head Cycling Coach of Achieve Performance Training & Coaching. 

This program will help jumpstart your training to get your legs ready to join Jens in October.

About your Coach:

Dana started racing and coaching in 2001 after retiring as a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. His vast experience, as both a coach and athlete, allow him to offer valuable tips and advice beneficial to the beginner rider all the way up to elite and national champion racers.

About the Program:

The 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week programs are designed to improve your cycling fitness so you can first and foremost, enjoy the beautiful scenery of your Jensie Gran Fondo route, and second, complete it faster and in a safer manner than if you hadn't followed a program.

Cycling fitness can be improved in many ways. One of the most important factors for a cyclist to achieve their goal(s) is the ability to produce and maintain a high power output for an extended period of time. This will be referred to as maximum sustainable power output (MSPO). All other things being equal, the rider with the highest power output between point A and B will be the fastest, simply because maintaining a higher power output translates into greater speed.

This program utilizes a training philosophy known as block training. It consists of similar workouts repeated over two to three consecutive days, followed by a similar number of rest days. The theory behind block training is that overloading a single system and then allowing adequate rest causes the system to super-compensate more than with traditional training strategies.

Whether you are an intermediate cyclist, a weekend warrior or a savvy rider looking to push yourself to the next level, this program is for you. Following and completing this program will improve your fitness and help you complete your Jensie Gran Fondo.